The Vision

IFBE is a place to pause and reflect; a repository of ideas, intent and action. It aims to be a backdrop for different minds to come together and engage with challenges and chances, to work with advocacy and alternatives and to combine creativity with concern.

IFBE seeks to be the plinth that brings people from architecture, design, and the arts to meet with the community. It seeks to work towards unwiring and rewiring our responses and contributions to ever- evolving cultural narratives, both local and global.


The Mission

To enable

active unlearning of dated ways of viewing and experiencing the world.

To connect

with those who propagate design as a potent force for meaningful change.

To celebrate

exemplars in the realm of conservation, re-use and regenerative design.

To inspire

the revitalisation of the built and unbuilt heritage of Mumbai’s port area.

To collaborate

with urban communities and engage with private and public institutions towards realising the vision of the collective.

To provide

a space for architects, designers, civic agencies and citizens to collaborate for a richer, more inclusive urban fabric for Mumbai.