(From left to right) Tony Singh, Kamal Malik and Abhijeet Mehta



Founder and principal architect Kamal Malik of Malik Architecture, engineer Abhijeet Mehta and restaurateur Tony Singh are IFBE’s founders.Collectively, they bring with them decades of experience and repute from the fields of architecture, construction and real estate, and gastronomy.



Sarita Vijayan


IFBE’s content and programming is the brainchild of Sarita Vijayan.

Sarita brings with her over 20 years of work experience in media, marketing strategy, and business. Before becoming an entrepreneur, she held senior editorial and leadership positions at leading media houses in the country, including Business India and Jasubhai Media.

She is a consultant sought after by government agencies, corporates, and brands that wish to engage with the architecture and construction industry. She sits on the boards of several NGOs as well as development, infrastructure, and design companies.

For IFBE, Sarita brings together her extensive exposure and knowledge of the world of architecture along with her love for design, to create a robust programme that is ahead of the curve.

The Programme at IFBE

Read our Programme Director’s note to find out what makes the cut at IFBE.

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Shikha Sethi

Deputy Programme Director

Shikha Sethi is a dynamic, detail-oriented editor, writer and administrator with 15 years of experience working with and commissioning award-winning writers in India and the UK, across fiction and non-fiction.

Passionate about the arts and cinema, she’s worked on several cutting-edge features as GQ’s Deputy Editor that reflect the urban zeitgeist, as well as led many of the brand’s signature IPs. Shikha holds a Masters degree in Comparative Literature (Africa/Asia) from the School of Oriental and African Studies, London as well as Bachelors degree in English Literature from the Lady Shri Ram College, New Delhi

At IFBE, she curates programming that is underground, and cuts across disciplines, from the visual and performing arts to design and architecture.


Head- Brand Alliances and Marketing

Ritika is excited to bring collaborations to IFBE that support, showcase, and celebrate the spirit of art, design, and architecture in an inclusive space that is accessible to all.

In pursuit of building and nurturing a rich culture of art within local communities, Ritika has worked with the National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA) and the Shankar Mahadevan Academy. She truly believes that art and culture are essential to the human experience, and must be shared and enjoyed by all. Such a vision requires an enabling environment wherein imagination and creativity can thrive.

Ritika is committed to building partnerships, raising investments, and securing patronage for the promotion of arts and art spaces.

Ritika Madan is a passionate and value-driven professional constantly on the lookout for creative opportunities that contribute to building beauty, benefit, and good within the organisation, community and the self. She joins IFBE, as the Head of Brand Alliances and Marketing, with more than a decade of experience in the field of Art.