Young Collecters’ Weekend

Jan 12 - 15 202311:00am-8:00pm

About the event

Young Collectors’ Weekend comes to Mumbai from January 12-15 2023!

A platform that promotes contemporary art amongst early collectors and those who are new to engaging with contemporary art, Young Collectors’ Weekend aspires to create lasting relationships through discourse in the form of exhibitions, seminars and meaningful encounters between various stakeholders of the art industry.

To further the mission of making art accessible to the widest audience possible, the works presented in this edition of YCW have been created by promising contemporary artists from across the nation. The artists are not a group, but individual practitioners of contemporary art representing a mix of genres, mediums and processes. For this chapter, the YCW team presents a range of contemporary artistic practices under the curatorial theme of “flux”.

Participating artists: Tito Stanley, Merci Maku, Tara Anand, Laxmi Panigrahi, Akshita Gandhi, Hashim Badani, Megha Gavireddy, Purvai Rai, Koyal Raheja, Shailesh BR, Divya Singh, Sachin George Sebastian, Teppala Kodandarao, Sukanya Garg, Birender Yadav, Digbijayee Khatua

Date: 12-15 January 2023

Time: 11am-8pm

Venue: The Ice Factory, IFBE

Entry: Walk in

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Young Collector's Weekend

Young Collectors’ Weekend (YCW) was born out of the desire to create a single space where those interested in the arts, whether seasoned collectors or those who are simply curious can engage through evolving discourse with contemporary artists and the art world around them. It is a unified platform on which all those interested in the arts can share their passions and interests. YCW is a women led platform that harnesses the power of art through exhibitions, masterclasses, and experiential events to create an inclusive community.