Indian Dairy Traditions & Our History with Cheese

Oct 27 20227:00pm-10:00pm

About the event

An exciting evening with the Locavore and cheesemaker Aditya Raghavan to explore Indian dairy traditions, and our history with cheese. From dahi and topli paneer to the Kashmiri kalari and the Bengali chenna and Bandel, Chef Addie explored the country’s age-old relationship with milk. Through live demonstrations and tastings, this interactive session allowed guests to sample a range of cheeses, from freshly made ones to lesser-known strongly flavoured Indian cheeses.

Along the way, Chef Addie also shed light on the unique importance of yoghurt in our history (not popular in the West until recently), the origins of paneer, and the context in which our traditional cheeses were born. The guests tasted the difference between traditionally churned butter from dahi versus the more commercially found version these days, churned from fresh cream. A variety of cheeses were presented as innovative canapes through the evening, accompanied by custom gin cocktails crafted by Greater Than Gin  (including a delicious dairy-inspired one!).

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