IFBE Opening Event

Apr 16 2022–Jun 01 2022All Day

About the event

IFBE was launched with an evening of stimulating conversations around the idea of being open.

We had in our midst architects Sen Kapadia and Sameep Padora, who engaged in a thoughtful dialogue around the theme, Through Generations: Possibilities and Perspectives, moderated by writer-curator Mrinalini Ghadiok.

We also had the honour of having designer Rajeev Sethi in conversation with Mrinalini Ghadiok on Blurring Boundaries: Transcending Disciplines.

The night was studded with stirring performances by Gauri Tripathi’s ANKH Dance Collective.

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The Ice Factory at Ballard Estate (IFBE) is an experimental laboratory for transdisciplinary practices across modern and contemporary architecture, art, and pedagogy. The conserved and refashioned structure is itself a historical object; its complexity, diversity, and paradoxical forms of architecture are instruments for the invention of knowledge. Malik Architecture has created an architecture that does not settle, one with spaces to breathe through a crystallization and mutation of traditional, modern, and contemporary experiments. A century-old embodiment... of “the dreams that stuff is made of.” IFBE’s community of architects, artists, scholars, and students exists in the expanding complexity and multiplicity of the present without sacrificing a fidelity to pasts and archiving, to build and chronicle in the here and now, what Reinhard Koselleck felicitously called “futures past.”