Conversation with architect Anupama Kundoo

Dec 21 20226:30pm-7:30pm

About the event

Join us for an insightful and stimulating session with architect Anupama Kundoo on her practice, process and projects centred around architecture of low environmental impact that is also socio-economically beneficial.

Anupama Kundoo founded her award winning practice in 1990 in the experimental city of Auroville and has since built extensively in India, including many key projects in Auroville. Kundoo is the 16th winner of the RIBA Charles Jencks Awards, which is awarded to architects who have made a major contribution simultaneously to the theory and practice of architecture. She is currently the head of urban design in Auroville.

For all budding architects out there!

Venue: IFBE
Date: 21st December 2022
Time: 6:30-7:30pm

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Anupama Kundoo

Architecture is the stage on which human stories are lived out. My work begins with and remains close to the deep human need to have purpose, refuge, and social engagement. It speaks through details; details that foster intimacy and variety, sensory and spatial. It is where makers engage with hand and mind to produce objects they are proud of, where they transform simple materials with care and intelligence into purposeful structures, where they are challenged to do more with less, and where they routinely exceed all expectations including their own.