The Indian Cacao and Craft Chocolate Festival

Feb 18 - 19 2023All Day

About the event

Oh sweet! We’ve got something special coming up this February!

Much like the craft coffee scene, the craft chocolate scene in India has grown up in the last few years. Homegrown artisanal brands are adopting a bean-to-bar approach to create more complex and flavourful chocolates that are produced more sustainably and ethically.

After a successful first edition in Bengaluru, the Indian Cacao and Craft Chocolate festival comes to Mumbai for the first time. Expect to discover craft chocolates from across the country, made with premium ingredients; stimulating conversations with cacao farmers, chocolatiers and entrepreneurs; as well as a host of informative workshops and live demonstrations.

We look forward to welcoming you on 18-19 February to explore a brave new world of Indian origin chocolates!

Participating brands include:  La Folie, Bon Fiction, Darkins, Cocoacraft, Anuttama, Chitra’m, Pascati, Soklet, Paul & Mike, Brightland, Subko, Kase Cheese and  Mason & Co

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The Indian Cacao and Craft Chocolate festival

Our purpose is to bring more awareness and union by connecting professionals from the craft chocolate industry and bringing them closer to consumers. The event will include conferences for farmers to help them improve their practices in cacao farming and post-harvest processing, conferences for B2B chocolate makers and pastry chefs, workshops and tastings for consumers, and stalls for all the participating brands and farmers.