A Forest in the City

Jan 20 - 27 202410:00am-7:00pm

About the event

The forest in the city of Mumbai is a contested terrain. It is constantly being reconfigured by government bodies, communities, political parties, journalists, environmental activists, social activists and academics. Along with these reconfigurations, questions are raised about who can live in the forest and what their rights are. These contestations are mediated through acts of representation that range from maps, government resolutions, legal documents, cultural artefacts, events, media reports, etc.

The project is a collaboration between different institutions, communities and individual interested in the relationship between the forest and the city including architects, urbanists, anthropologists, activists, community members, cultural practitioners and archivists.

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The Ice Factory at Ballard Estate (IFBE) is an experimental laboratory for transdisciplinary practices across modern and contemporary architecture, art, and pedagogy. The conserved and refashioned structure is itself a historical object; its complexity, diversity, and paradoxical forms of architecture are instruments for the invention of knowledge. Malik Architecture has created an architecture that does not settle, one with spaces to breathe through a crystallization and mutation of traditional, modern, and contemporary experiments. A century-old embodiment... of “the dreams that stuff is made of.” IFBE’s community of architects, artists, scholars, and students exists in the expanding complexity and multiplicity of the present without sacrificing a fidelity to pasts and archiving, to build and chronicle in the here and now, what Reinhard Koselleck felicitously called “futures past.”